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BIM & Pre-Construction Modelling

Arteras are strong proponents of steel detailers working directly with the Structural Engineer, or General Contractor during the design and tender stage. Such an approach eliminates/reduces the number of RFI’s (requests for information) later in the project. Having detailed drawings and material reports available at the bid stage serves to reduce the risk for steel fabricators, and allows them to order material and start fabrication as soon as the contract is awarded.

We have used Pre-Detailing Model/BIM on several projects with prestigious firms and refined the process to deliver superior outcomes by compressing schedule, reducing wastage and mitigating risk through:

  • Early detection of design and engineering issues and minimizing RFIs, holds and eliminate late design changes.
  • Early finalization and lockdown of the engineering which can compress the construction schedule.
  • Transparency and efficiency in procuring fabrication.
  • Early creation of the detailed model facilitating its wider use for construction BIM and Virtual Construction.
  • BIM helps to automate clash detection of elements such as electrical conduit or ductwork that run into a beam. By modeling all of these things first, clashes are discovered early, and costly on-site clashes can be reduced. The model also ensures a perfect fit of elements that are manufactured off-site, allowing these components to be easily bolted into place rather than created on site.
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