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Connection Design

Arteras provides connection design services through its partners with select engineering and connection design firms. These long-standing alliances have been seasoned over numerous projects enabling us to provide a seamless one-stop-shop execution of modelling, detailing and connection design in every state of the United States of America and Canada. These service include:

  • Connection Drawings
  • Designs per LRFD, ASD, BS and SI Standards
  • Detailed calculations and complete text
  • Output provided in PDF, MS Word or MS Excel, with supporting calculations, tables and sketches

As areas of framing are finalised the associated connections can be designed with direct reference to the planning and construction models. Initially a library of standard connections is created to suit the common framing and loading conditions found on the project.

For more specialized connections the Construction Model is used to pre-plan a connection concept for these situations ahead of time. This greatly reduces the impact of incomplete design and ensures the smooth, continuous completion of the Detailed Production Model.

Once an area of framing has been released for production, Arteras connection design team creates the necessary connection details required to connect the steel to steel and steel to concrete elements.

Process Chart
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